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5 Facts Friday - February 22, 2019

Happy Friday!! Tonight I am headed to see My Favorite Murder live and I am SO PUMPED! Where are all my #murderinos at?!

Since its Friday, its time for #5FactsFriday! So here we go!

  1. I am a Virgo, born August 25, 1993. According to, I need to "slow down today and let conversations drag on—keep talking and sharing." Okay, sounds good.

  2. I am a type 8 with 7 wing on the enneagram. Type 8 is referred to as the Challenger: the powerful, dominating type: self-confident, decisive, willful, and confrontational. The 7 wing is described as outspoken, innovative, intense, daring, striking, attractive and tenderhearted. If you know me, you would probably agree with all of this and I would too.

  3. I am a #rebel according to Gretchen Rubin's four tendencies. According to her website, "Rebels resist all expectations, both inner and outer alike. They want to do what they want to do, in their own way, in their own time -- and if you ask or tell them to do something, they're very likely to resist." This too makes sense and if you know me, I'm sure you would agree.

  4. My love language according to The Five Love Languages is acts of kindness. I love when people do things for me and I show love by doing things for others! Second to that is quality time. My favorite way to spend QT with my family is going to Eastern Market or Cranbrook Art Museum.

  5. I am 100% an introvert and while I can be extroverted at times and in certain situations, I prefer my alone time, I need it. In social settings, I tend to observe more that interact unless I am completely comfortable with the people I am with. Small gatherings with close friends are my favorite sort of gatherings.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me and that you have a wonderful weekend!

XO, Madeline

Weekend Eats: Saturday February 23, 2019

Weekend Eats: Saturday February 23, 2019

Instant Pot Italian Sausage and Polenta

Instant Pot Italian Sausage and Polenta