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Trader Joe's Grocery Haul

Trader Joe's Grocery Haul


This is the first installment of my Balanced Plate Balanced Budget series, where I share some tips and tricks to sticking to a budget while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

This week, I wanted to share a week's worth of groceries that I bought at Trader Joes, all for under $100! While Trader Joe's may not be the cheapest place to get groceries, I still feel like I put my money to work there and still get a lot of great stuff!

I created a grocery list with all of the items I bought this week, with room to add your own groceries to the list! If you want to get this free download, clickhere!

Our Grocery Budget

First, lets talk about our household grocery budget and what that all entails. We aim to spend around $175 every two weeks on groceries. This is for Justin and myself and doesn't include the following:

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Paper products

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Pet supplies

  • Personal care products

So basically, our budget only covers food. However, if we are having guests over and are serving food, that is outside of our grocery budget as well.

How We Shop

We have tried many different ways and schedules for grocery shopping, but we have found that one big haul a week with maybe one or two extra trips (for misc. ingredients) does the trick.

Typically, I like to stick to one grocery store: Trader Joe's, but sometimes we end up going to Kroger if we are in a pinch. If we are on a tighter budget for the week, we will hit up Aldi, though Aldi takes the fun out of grocery shopping for me, so I avoid at all costs. If you want to see what a $25 haul from Aldi looks like, watch my video!

One thing I don't typically do when grocery shopping is abiding by a list. While meal planning and having a list is a great way to avoid overspending, its just something that I don't do!

Sticking to The Basics

So how do I walk into Trader Joe's and not buy all the things? I keep it simple and stick to the basics. I rarely buy any specialty items or seasonal treats. I buy what I know I will use and make sure whatever I am buying is versatile. A few great example of versatile ingredients are ground beef, hearty greens, and potatoes. All can be used in many different ways, making them very easy to whip into a meal!

I also won't buy a ton of snack food or bars. My typical "snacks" are more like mini meals, but that is just what works for me!

Trader Joe's Grocery Haul Vlog

In this video, I show you all of the things I got from Trader Joe's for the week and explain how I might use each item! If you want to get this entire grocery list, click here!

I hope enjoyed! Please let me know if this was helpful for you as I would love to continue creating content like this!

XO, Madeline

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