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5 Facts Friday - Wedding Edition

5 Facts Friday - Wedding Edition

Last night I did a test run for my wedding hair and it got me SOOO excited for the big day! We are a just over 2 months out from our wedding, so for today’s #5FactsFriday, I figured why not share a little about it!

Here it goes: 

Venue: The venue of the ceremony and reception is a beautiful private home on Lake Huron. A family friend so graciously offered their cottage after our engagement, so how could we say no! This property is beautiful and includes a sandy area (where we hope to have a bonfire) and is just steps away from the beach! It truly is the perfect place for our wedding. 

Ceremony: Justin’s mom is an ordained minister, so she is the one who will marry us! How special! And our ceremony is fully customized to us, so it will definitely be a ceremony to remember. I assume there will not be a dry eye in the crowd! Especially not from the father of the bride, father of the groom, and the groom himself. 

Colors: The bridesmaids are wearing variations of blush pink, and the groomsmen are wearing blue suits. I let the bridesmaids pic their own floor length dresses, because I wanted everyone to feel confident in their dresses!

Decor: The decor will be simple and light with lots of greenery. I want it to have a romantic tuscan feel, with olive branches. I also want to embrace and highlight the nature around us.  No flowers - however I may have a few in my bouquet.

The cake: I don’t like cake and originally was going to omit the cake cutting from the reception. But instead, we decided to have tiramisu - my favorite dessert - because it went well with the tuscan/Italian vibes we were going for! 

The closer we get, the more details are nailed down, the more real it is becoming. I am SO excited for the day when I get to marry my favorite person in the whole wide world!

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